Bad Relationships – What you need to know to permanently put an end to your pattern of bad relationships.

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Codependency is very common in relationships: two people who can't be happy alone, use each other as a crutch. Independent and inter-dependent relationships while healthier, are less common, because they require two people who are at the very least independent.

Being in a codependent relationship lends a temporary stability, but each person's neediness, in different ways, eventually drives a wedge between them. The more independent person will typically flee. Without addressing the void in each person's life, they'll each likely move on to yet another codependent relationship.

To break the pattern in yourself, figure out what missing piece you're seeking and introspect the source of your void, most likely from childhood or early adulthood. Arming yourself with this information will help you interrupt the needy behavior in the future.

If you're in a codependent relationship, you should probably end it — it will most likely die an ugly death if you don't. To decide if your relationship is codependent, consider the ratio of positive expressions or interactions to negative ones. Happy couples with staying power typically display a ratio of five positives per negative. If the positives number less than five, the relationship is unlikely to survive.

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